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Compliance with industry regulations

Based on experience, we know manufacturing companies have unique needs and requirements. Your industry is governed by countless regulations, and our products and services help you comply with these stringent standards.

Tegrete is a single source for facilities management services. We provide a start-to-finish approach including a facilities assessment, service provider sourcing and management, service delivery, quality control and reporting, and invoice consolidation. Our full suite of services allows you to focus on your business goals and objectives, while we manage your facilities services.

We provide a full array of services for the manufacturing industry including janitorial, HVAC, handyman, snow removal, and lawn care.


  • Reduce risk. Only carefully selected, insured service providers in your facilities.
  • Expertise. Ability to operate in regulated and non-regulated environments.
  • Experience. We’ve provided services to manufacturers for nearly 20 years.
  • Optimize your time. We handle all the details, freeing you to work on business-critical projects.