Facilities Management Process

Graphic with label 02 Bid

02 Bid

Through our RFP process, Tegrete negotiates the best prices on your behalf, leveraging our scale and existing service provider partnerships to obtain volume discounts. By subcontracting services, we’re able to seek multiple bids from local service providers through an RFP process — sharing results with you to make the final decision.


  • Streamlined RFP and Bid Process. Tegrete issues RFPs to obtain multiple service provider bids (including your incumbent), and we present our recommendations to you for approval.
  • Competitive Pricing. With Tegrete’s large client base and thousands of service providers, we’re able to negotiate the best price on your behalf.
  • Save Time. Tegrete’s Sourcing and RFP process delivers multiple bids from local service providers, saving you significant time while ensuring you have competitive, market-based pricing.
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03 Screen

When Tegrete assumes facilities management responsibilities for companies, we occasionally find they have shortchanged the process for screening and vetting service providers.  Service providers are performing work without liability insurance or with felony convictions. Tegrete takes a no-nonsense approach to risk management.


  • Extensive Screening. All service providers must pass Tegrete’s screening requirements before entering your facilities. If you’re engaged in a highly secure environment (e.g., nuclear plant, government buildings), we’ll incorporate your heightened requirements into our screening protocol.
  • Expertise. Tegrete has professionals dedicated to Security and Compliance including insurance and background/drug screening verification, Site Access policy administration, and badge and key access management.
  • Security Integration. We become integrated with your Security department, upholding your policies and procedures.
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04 Contract

How many contracts do you have with individual service providers? Or perhaps you are not protected by the terms of a contract. With Tegrete, you’ll have one Master Agreement, minimizing your risk and saving you countless hours.


  • One Contract. You’ll have one contract with Tegrete for all services and locations.
  • Expertise. Tegrete has contract professionals to negotiate and understand critical language, ensuring compliance with government and industry regulations.
  • Reduce Risk. All services performed in your facilities will be governed by a standardized contract, held by Tegrete.
Graphic labeled 06 PAY

06 Pay

With multiple service providers and services being performed in your facilities, the number of invoices and time spent on accounts payable can be overwhelming. Tegrete streamlines the entire accounts payable process, freeing your staff to work on other priorities.


  • A single invoice. Depending on your requirements, we can consolidate service provider invoices into one monthly invoice from Tegrete.
  • Flexibility. Invoices can be separated or subtotaled based on your needs — by location, service or cost center.
  • Save time. We audit and reconcile any discrepancies with service providers saving you countless accounts payable hours.


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