Supplier Diversity Program

Certified Woman-Owned Business

Many of Tegrete’s clients seek to partner with diverse suppliers, from small businesses to companies owned by minorities, women, veterans, and more, to address the needs of the communities they serve. Tegrete is a certified woman-owned business, with Teresa Carlson as the majority owner and active business participant. One hundred percent of spend on services through Tegrete, including janitorial, lawn care, and snow removal, qualifies as diverse spend for our clients.

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Setting Standards for Supplier Diversity is the Right Thing to Do

In addition to being a Tier I diverse business, Tegrete is committed to establishing and growing successful business relationships with Tier II diverse service providers across the U.S. Fulfilling this commitment is important to our clients, the communities in which we operate, our employees and, ultimately, the success of our company. 


Using a Business Ownership survey


With assistance from Tegrete


Based on service, client requirements, and diversity status


and report on diverse spend


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