Facilities Management for Financial Institutions

Are Your Service Providers Creating Risk?

Security within the financial services sector has never been more critical. You need to be confident that service providers entering your branches have undergone an extensive vetting process.

When Tegrete partners with a new client, we often find service providers without insurance, red flags in background screening results, or branch employees providing cleaning and maintenance services. What happens if your employee is injured while cleaning? Or your service provider damages flooring? These are real situations that create additional risk for your financial institution.

Tegrete has an extensive network of experienced, proven service providers and a team of sourcing and compliance professionals dedicated to finding highly skilled service providers who meet our stringent standards. And we're able to partner with your customers who are providing facilities services, too!

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Screening requirements can include:

  • National criminal background check
  • Drug screening
  • Service-specific reference verification
  • Workers Compensation, General Liability, and Commercial Auto insurance
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Site Access Policy

Support for Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can add to the workload of the facilities staff with the need for updated signage, painting, furniture, and remodels to maintain brand standards. Tegrete has a proven history of helping banks and credit unions consolidate and streamline facilities services following an acquisition or merger. We support senior leaders and the new facilities team by:

We’re typically hired by a senior leader who oversees facilities management but doesn’t have the necessary resources to manage through the merger and acquisition complexities and future workload. Our experience and network of highly skilled service providers ensures a welcoming, consistent experience across all your branches.

Tegrete Will Make Your Job Easier – Guaranteed!


You’ll have one company for all services and branches.


Only carefully screened, licensed, insured service providers in your branches.


We’ve managed services for banks and credit unions for nearly 20 years.


We handle all the details, freeing you to work on business-critical projects.

"We have been extremely pleased with Tegrete!"

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