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Immediate access to information

Through the use of the Tegrete Client Portal (TCP) you can submit service requests, check work status, review inspection and survey results, generate detailed reports and communicate directly with your account team.

The online web portal expedites response time and ensures consistent communication between you and your Tegrete Account team. Once you submit a request, your Account Manager will respond within two hours, faster if it’s an emergency.


  • Easy access. Use your workstation, tablet or mobile device. The CleanTelligent app can be downloaded for free.
  • Streamlined process. Real-time information available 24/7/365
  • Online reporting. Detailed reports can be used to comply with regulations such as fire extinguisher inspection tracking
  • Fast response. Two-hour response window, faster if it’s an emergency.
  • No surprises. Facility leaders gain insight into all requests with a couple of clicks