HVAC Preventive Maintenance & Service

Maximize Efficiency And Avoid Costly Repairs

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Tegrete knows it’s critical to have comfortable and energy-efficient facilities. Our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) maintenance services help you avoid costly repairs, maximize your energy efficiency, and promote a safer environment for all who enter your building. At the onset of our partnership, we’ll discuss preventive maintenance programs for your critical systems including HVAC, elevators, and generators. Whether you elect annual, semi-annual, or quarterly PM visits, the goal is to keep your equipment operating at peak performance and avoid costly emergency service calls.

Man providing maintenance on HVAC system

Our HVAC preventive maintenance services are delivered by insured, highly skilled professionals who meet our stringent credentials, and include:

  • Unit inspection
  • Filter and belt changes
  • Moving part lubrication
  • Cleaning drains & drain pans
  • Checking electrical connections and motor and fan operations
  • Checking refrigerant level
  • Cleaning out debris
  • Boiler operation and cleaning

You can be confident that our service providers are prepared to maintain your existing equipment and systems, inspect all components to ensure maximum operating efficiency and install new equipment in full compliance with local regulations.

HVAC Service & Repairs

Tegrete offers on-call and emergency HVAC service, 24x7x365. Simply enter a request in the Tegrete Client Portal, and your Relationship Management staff will promptly dispatch a service provider who is fully screened and already under contract with Tegrete. For emergencies after hours, your Relationship Manager is always available, day or night.

HVAC System Installation

Tegrete works with your leadership team to create a Capital Expenditure plan for system replacement based on equipment type, age of equipment, and your tolerance for risk. To avoid emergency charges, equipment unavailability, and loss in productivity, we strive to have a detailed, planful approach to equipment replacement. We’ll get multiple bids and manage the project start-to-finish.

Maintain Control

Using the Tegrete Client Portal, you can monitor all HVAC services performed within your facilities. A QR barcode is placed inside the panel on your heating and air conditioning unit. Each time a service is completed, the service provider will scan the barcode generating an entry in the portal. With the simple generation of a report or online viewing, you can see filter changes, inspections and more. 

Tegrete Will Make Your Job Easier – Guaranteed!


One company for HVAC preventive maintenance, repairs, and replacement.


Only carefully selected, insured HVAC service providers enter your facilities.


Support available 24/7/365 for unplanned emergencies.


Cost effective maintenance programs.


QR barcode system tracks frequency, time and type of work performed.


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