Why Tegrete?

Tegrete Becomes An Extension Of Your Facilities Management Team

The decision to outsource all or a portion of your facilities services can be daunting. At the same time, many companies find that managing service providers, reacting to emergencies, and handling the day-to-day headaches keeps them from running their core business.

That’s where Tegrete comes in. We act as your Facility Manager, or we add resources to your existing facilities staff, freeing them to focus on more critical priorities. You can outsource one service, or all facilities services — janitorial, lawn maintenance, snow removal, HVAC, pest control, and more. We’ll become an integral part of your team, providing high-quality service, on time, within budget and with the ultimate goal of exceeding your expectations.

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What Makes Us Unique?


For all locations and services across the U.S.


Fully vetted according to stringent standards, serving Tegrete’s clients for decades


who become an extension of your facilities team, available 24 x 7 x 365


as a Woman-Owned business, with a commitment to Tier II diversity

Your Results

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    Unrivaled Support

    We consider ourselves the “boutique” of facilities management—with our consultative approach you’ll have customized solutions, strategic initiatives, personal connections, and an acute understanding of your business.

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    Reduce Risk

    Only fully insured and vetted Service Providers, who are experts in their trades, enter your facilities.

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    Add Expertise

    We’ve been in this business for 30 years, managing all interior and exterior services. If you’ve seen one facility, you’ve seen one facility!

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    Simplify & Save Time

    Eliminate the complexity of managing multiple Service Providers, contracts, and invoices.

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    Control Costs

    Tegrete has thousands of partnerships with the best Service Providers in the industry. Our bidding process ensures competitive rates, and we consistently negotiate on your behalf.

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    Maintain Control

    Through Tegrete’s client portal—you’ll have immediate access to ongoing communication, work order status, inspection results, scheduled PMs, and much more.

Tegrete’s Service Providers are some of the best in the industry. We often partner with owner—operators who have an unwavering commitment to quality and customer service. A Tegrete healthcare client shared this example of exemplary service provided by a Tegrete Service Provider:

An employee left the clinic after everyone was gone only to find her car not working. The Service Provider was in the parking lot waiting for everyone to depart to begin his cleaning shift. As usual, he was early, consistent with the company’s practice of punctuality and respect for the clinic hours. The Service Provider noticed the employee struggling with the car issue and offered to help using limited English, signing, and translations apps on his phone. He proceeded to run through checks on the car and found there was a rock in the brake pad which he removed with a screwdriver from his vehicle. The car was fixed!

The employee was so ecstatic and grateful for the Service Provider’s kindness. She wanted the employer to know how their staff, once again, went above and beyond to make a huge impression on the client.

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Learn more about Tegrete and our services by watching this short video.

Commitment to Diversity

As a Tier I diverse Service Provider, we are dedicated to growing successful business relationships with Tier II Minority-and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBE) across the country. Fulfilling this commitment is important to our clients, the communities where we operate, our employees and, ultimately, the success of our company.

Through our Supplier Diversity Program, Tegrete identifies MWBEs and offers companies an opportunity to participate as subcontractors, providing facilities management services to our clients.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

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Theresa Carlson
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Colleen Fischer
SVP of Business Development and Marketing
Nate Megard
Vice President Relationship Management & Operations
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Director of Relationship Management


Unsure about outsourcing your Facilities Management Services? You're not alone. It doesn't need to be an all-or-nothing move. As a next step, we invite you to a short, introductory call. Let's get to know one another! What do you have to lose?

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