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Reduce Accounts Payable Costs

With multiple service providers and services being performed in your facilities, the number of invoices and time spent reconciling discrepancies can be overwhelming. Not only do you incur direct labor costs (employee salary and benefits), you also experience indirect labor and overhead expenses, along with the cost for equipment, postage and supplies.

According to IOMA, it costs $12.71 and 6.4 days to process a service provider payment

Tegrete streamlines the entire accounts payable process, freeing your staff to work on other priorities.


  • A single invoice. Depending on your requirements, we can consolidate service provider invoices into one monthly invoice from Tegrete.
  • Flexibility. Invoices can be separated or subtotaled based on your needs—by location, service or cost center.
  • Save time. We audit and reconcile any discrepancies with service providers.