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What is your time worth?

How many hours could you save by having someone handle procurement, contract negotiation, insurance verification, service provider management, accounts payable and drive to facilities for small repairs? Based on historical averages, we’ve shown that Tegrete can save over 1,000 labor hours per year for a company with 10 locations. This is time you can devote to business critical projects such as remodels, site consolidation or expansion, lighting upgrades or other capital projects.

Take advantage of our skilled sourcing professionals

Our business model is unique. We negotiate the best prices on your behalf, leverage our scale to obtain volume discounts and only work with reliable, skilled service providers—with very little turnover or errors. This allows us to pass on competitive prices, while providing you with peace-of-mind and more of your most valuable asset—time.


  • Highly-skilled staff.  A team dedicated to vendor sourcing, vetting and contract negotiation.
  • Buying power. With our large client base and thousands of service providers, we’re able to negotiate the best price on your behalf.
  • Streamlined bid process. We issue RFPs, obtain multiple bids (including your incumbent), and present our recommendations to you for approval.
  • Save time. We offer you significant labor savings, allowing you to work on more critical priorities.