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Pre- and Post-Support for Audits and Accreditation

We know how disruptive audits can be for your business. Our goal is to transform these significant events into an ongoing way-of-doing-business that minimizes distraction. Our process includes:

  • A full understanding of audit requirements
  • The Tegrete Facilities Assessment program, with an examination of your facilities, front to back, to identify potential facility related violations. Elements of the program include examination of:
    • Parking lots, driveway and walkways
    • Exterior lighting
    • Security and fire alarm systems
    • Storage of flammable solvents
    • OSHA documentation and placement
    • Location, number and type of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors
    • Testing of emergency generators
    • Location of video cameras and monitoring services
  • A documented pre-audit plan that addresses each of the required elements over an extended period of time, rather than a few months before the audit
  • An action plan that addresses pre-audit findings
  • A post-audit plan to comply with requirements

Tegrete works with you to conduct the Facilities Assessment and manages all work that needs to be completed pre- and post-audit.


  • Minimize business disruption. We identify needs and plan for projects over an extended period of time, rather than just a few months before an audit.
  • Stay within your budget. Careful planning allows us to defer less immediate needs, schedule capital projects, and complete urgent requests according to the budget dollars available.
  • Improve audit results. Once Tegrete understands the audit requirements, we complete an assessment of your facilities and develop a comprehensive plan with timelines to improve your success rate.
  • Avoid surprises. With maintenance programs in place, we complete minor repairs before they become major cost expenditures.