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Doing more with less

Whether you rent or own your facilities, the way they’re maintained is a direct reflection on your business. It’s critical that you present a positive first impression to potential donors and visitors. With limited resources, facilities management can often fall to volunteers or not be done at all, potentially leading to more costly problems in the future.

As a provider of services for non-profits across the U.S., Tegrete recognizes the challenges caused by constrained resources. Our business model allows you to do more with less.

No additional cost

With limited resources, it’s tempting to scrimp on cleaning and upkeep. That’s where Tegrete comes in. By leveraging our skilled team of sourcing professionals and purchasing power, we’re often able to stay within your current budget, while providing greater services and managing the entire process, start-to-finish.

We provide a full array of services for non-profits including janitorial, HVAC, handyman, snow removal, and lawn care.


  • No additional costs. No start-up costs or management fees.
  • Competitive pricing. You leverage our volume discounts.
  • Optimize your time. Tegrete manages every step of the process from sourcing and vetting service providers to overseeing all work, quality control and reporting.
  • A dedicated resource. You have an extra resource to help out, often giving you back 30% or more of your work week.