• Teresa Carlson
    Teresa Carlson CEO
  • David Carlson
    David Carlson CVO
  • Colleen Fischer
    Colleen Fischer SVP of Business Development and Marketing
  • Nate Megard
    Nate Megard Vice President Relationship Management
  • Brian Mahlendorf
    Brian Mahlendorf Director of Relationship Management
  • Jeff Sankus
    Jeff Sankus Sr. Relationship Manager
  • Jay Wollenberg
    Jay Wollenberg Sr. Relationship Manager
  • Chris Brisinte
    Chris Brisinte Relationship Manager
  • Libby Goeman
    Libby Goeman Relationship Manager
  • Tanya Narum
    Tanya Narum Relationship Manager
  • Tim Tunney
    Tim Tunney Relationship Manager
  • Jake Vik
    Jake Vik Relationship Manager
  • Ashley Carlson
    Ashley Carlson Relationship Manager
  • Autumn McKinney
    Autumn McKinney Relationship Management/Sourcing Assistant
  • Lisa Lyrek
    Lisa Lyrek Sr. Relationship Management Assistant
  • Heather Kasper
    Heather Kasper Sr. Project Specialist
  • Kelly Tillmann
    Kelly Tillmann Sr. Project Specialist
  • Jen Honke
    Jen Honke Sourcing Specialist
  • Jessica Mayer
    Jessica Mayer Sr. Operations and Compliance Specialist
  • Akira Stewart
    Akira Stewart Sourcing and Compliance Associate
  • Chad Hinz
    Chad Hinz Controller
  • Helen Nelson
    Helen Nelson Accounting and Payroll Specialist
  • Dawn Stace
    Dawn Stace Accounting Specialist
  • Kerri Harris
    Kerri Harris Accounting Specialist