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We know the integrity and honesty of service providers entering your facility is of top concern. Tegrete hires only the best. We maintain long-term relationships with our service providers, many of them owner/operators who invest in high quality equipment and supplies. We perform background checks, verify insurance, maintain minimal turnover and have continuous, unbiased monitoring of performance.

Tegrete has a team of highly-skilled professionals dedicated to service provider sourcing, selection and vetting, and we’ve developed a network of thousands of pre-qualified service providers across the U.S.


  • Reduce Risk. Service providers are pre-approved and have met our stringent credentials for insurance and licensing before entering your facilities.
  • Stay local. Incumbent service providers are always included in our bidding process, provided they meet our requirements and your standards for quality.
  • We handle all problems. Occasionally, what seems like a good fit, isn’t. You simply make a call to Tegrete and we immediately find a new service provider.
  • Reduce costs. Our national presence and strong service provider relationships allow us to offer you competitive rates and the highest level of service.