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Protect Your Business

When you have service providers and visitors in your facilities, there’s always a chance for an accident. You likely assess your business risk and carry the appropriate insurance to avoid a large unplanned expense. Do you approach risk management with the same diligence when hiring service providers who will be performing work in your facilities?

When Tegrete assumes facilities management responsibilities for companies, we occasionally find they have shortchanged the process for vetting service providers.  Service providers are performing work without Workers Compensation insurance, without automobile insurance or with felony convictions that would prohibit them from being hired. Tegrete takes a no-nonsense approach to risk management.


  • One contract. You have one contract with one company—Tegrete.
  • Experienced sourcing personnel. We have departments dedicated to sourcing, vetting and managing service providers including:
    • Non-Disclosure Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements
    • Background screening
    • Fully insured
  • Well-defined processes. RFP process and standardized contracts.
  • Expertise. Contract experts to negotiate and understand critical language.
    • Ensure compliance with government and industry regulations.